Our best, your better…Located for 20 years in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria, donna lewis is a hidden oasis tucked within the Ivy-walled courtyard of 309 Cameron Street.  We are committed to pursuing and presenting our best selves and yours.Thoughtfully modern old world charm…Our style is rooted in the hand-crafted excellence of European bespoke, infused and updated with an expanding class of luxe global and America-made complements.Elegant simplicity, understated excellence, effortless utility…Shibumi is a zen principal that defines our aspiration.  It is reserved for ”that’ which exhibits the best of everything, with seeming ease.  Our goal and wish is that you always walk out our doors feeling better than when you walked in.  We thank our loyal customers and friends who inspire us to seek and put forth our best always.  And to those we have not yet met, we can’t wait to share our vision with you.


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